CITL Volunteer Application Form

Instructions: Please copy and paste this form to a word document. Send the completed form to our email address:

Part A: Personal Information
Please print the following information as clearly as possible:
Type of Volunteer Hours:
Telephone #:                                                          
Cell Phone #:

Part B: Interview Questions
For the following questions, please type out your answers and attach it to this form:
1.      Why do you want to volunteer for the Chess in the Library program?
2.      List the top 3 locations you wish to volunteer and state your reasons. We will try to accommodate everyone’s first choice.
3.      How long do you plan on volunteering at the program?
4.      Do you play chess? If so, how long have you been playing?
5.      If you answered yes to question 4, then do you have an official rating?
6.      Do you teach chess? If so, where and how long have you been teaching?
7.      Have you ever had any experiences dealing with children that you have never met? If so, please state your past leadership experiences.
8.      Chess in the Library is a program run by students of great capability and determination. What qualities do you have that makes you best suited for this position?

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