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The Chess in the Library program is completely run by student volunteers, either in high school or university. Do you enjoy playing chess? Are you looking for opportunities to learn some leadership skills to prepare you for the real world? Do you want to give some commitment to your local community? Do you need volunteer hours? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you are in the right place! 

The CITL team has worked hard to put together a 10-page handbook outline the key aspects of CITL in detail. Since I cannot upload a document here on my blog, I have copied and pasted Section 4. Volunteers of the handbook here and do take the time to read the entire document below before proceeding with the application.

4.   Volunteers

4.1  Volunteer Eligibility

In order to become a volunteer at the CITL program, one must be at least 14 years old. One also must have no previous record of crime.

4.2  Volunteer Application and Screening
All volunteers must fill out an application form prior to volunteering at the program. The volunteer screening process, conducted by the CITL Executive Board members, will take place once the application form is completed. If necessary, an interview will be arranged with the volunteer.

4.3  Volunteer Hours
To qualify for Ontario volunteer hours, the volunteer must be in grade 9 or higher. If the volunteer is in the IB program, he or she may also receive CAS hours for the service sector. Each session will be worth 2-3 hours, depending on the location. All volunteers are expected to honestly record their volunteer hours, and honestly post the number of hours they earned every three months on the Chess in the Library Forum.

4.4  Volunteer Contract
All new volunteers must sign a contract with the CITL Organization that includes basic commitments, an understanding of roles and responsibilities, and procedures for missing sessions. Both CITL and the volunteer will keep a copy of this contract.

4.5  Volunteer Expectations
4.5.1        Punctuality
All volunteers are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the program to facilitate setup and leave when cleanup has been completed.

4.5.2        Interaction with Participants and Parents
Volunteers are expected to act courteously and politely with all participants and answer the concerns of parents. Complaints by parents or librarians should be reported to the Chess in the Library executives, and the volunteers will be dealt with appropriately. For example, if a participant is new to the game, it is completely disrespectful to laugh while the child is learning the game. Instead, see section 3.2 Beginner Level Chess Mentoring for detailed instructions. If the participants act in an inappropriate manner during the session, the volunteer should refer to instructions listed in section 5 Protocol for Problems.

4.5.3        Absences
If the volunteer is not available to volunteer a certain week (e.g. family event), it is mandatory that he or she notifies his or her fellow volunteers and librarians at least one week in advance. Moreover, it is the responsibility of each volunteer to ensure that there will be at least one volunteer present at the program each week. 

Still want to be involved? Alright! The conditions aren't that tough, right? Now you may proceed to the CITL Volunteer Application Form on this site. Follow the instructions carefully!

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  1. Do you want to expand more in United States. There are a couple of chess clubs in the Vancouver Washington area that meet in libraries.