Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Funny Facts

Last week's meet at Brookbanks was great! Everything went well as we had 25 players come in to play chess. It's funny how this week the kids waited patiently outside until everything was up, unlike other times when they just zoomed into the room!

Another funny discovery I made last week was that I actually read through the pages of an extremely popular chess book for the kids here and found out it was a chess maze book! For example, on one page, the starting piece would be a knight, so you move the knight in the maze in a L-shape (cause that's how you're supposed to move the knight!) Haha, now I know why these kids love this book so much!!

Our volunteers took care of the most of the meet by themselves, so that they will be ready to run their own library program. A third library will open shortly, so stay updated on our progress!! :)

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