Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chess at Maria A. Shchuka - AMAZING

The Chess in the Library program has been only running at the Maria A. Shchuka library (MAS) for 2 weeks and yet, it's already attracting lots of attention! For a full report on last week's meet visit Jan's blog. We had many chess players in the room as well as volunteers. Here's a picture of the hard working volunteers I want to thank for their efforts in making this program better:

The MAS team (from left to right): Yuanling, Jan, Michael, Kostya, Daniel & Lucas

New faces eh? Well, that's right, the Chess in the Library volunteer team is growing bigger and bigger every day!! Visit our website for a complete list of all the dedicated volunteers.

The Chess in the Library program is slowly introducing a new feature, and that is teaching. A detailed report can be found on Michael's blog. Well, last Saturday at MAS library, Michael had a training session with a small group of beginners. Some fundamental concepts were taught to kids and their parents, and they all seemed to be extremely interested! Claudette (the awesome librarian who helped us tons on Saturday :) , who was also watching Michael group, told me that one kid who is computer games addict is now sitting in the training group and excited to play a game of chess! Actually, that kid didn't come to the library for chess, he came to play computer games. However, he came into the chess room with his mom and was about to go back to his computer games until he saw the group of people talking about chess. He stayed to listen for 1 minute, and that 1 minute became 1 hour in the end! :D His mom was extremely happy at the end of the program because her son ended up playing chess, which is a much more education game than the ones on the computer.

Well if you like chess and need some people to play against (yes, playing against you're dad is boring) then come to the Chess in the Library program! If you know absolutely nothing about chess, still, come to the Chess in the Library program! Why? You'll get to learn all about it! Finally...if you have a son or daughter that is addicted to something you don't like and you think chess is way better, join us every Saturday at the Chess in the Library program!!! :)

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