Tuesday, March 9, 2010

North York Central Library Almost Ready!

As one of Toronto's largest libraries, the North York Central branch is almost ready to join the Chess in the Library network. One small piece of the project needs to be filled in before we can announce a firm "yes" to everyone supporting and following the program.

However, do not be disappointed because the librarians, volunteers and I have all made a tremendous progress in regards to the program at the North York Central Library since my last update about the program there.

If all goes well, the Chess in the Library program will run weekly in a slightly smaller room and monthly in a larger room due to the following formula. :)

The formula works this way:
large library = many rooms + tight bookings = must book the rooms early

I want to take this opportunity to thank the librarians and volunteers at the North York Central Library for working so hard during the past few months to get the program set up.

Stay tuned for updates on the program at NYCL!!!

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