Saturday, April 17, 2010

Black Creek Library Settled and Ready to Go

I visited the Black Creek library last Saturday and discussed a few things with the branch head there. Since the Chess in the Library program will be an after school program at that branch, none of our volunteers would be able to attend (high school students are busy busy busy :)

The staff will run the program and they hope to do some teaching. Recently, other than teaching on a demo board, we also taught some beginners the basic rules in a group (view my last post about the Humberwood library). It's really awesome to see such a great interest in chess from those who never touched the game before! However, explaining the basic rules of chess each week is getting a bit repetitive for the volunteers. Teaching something different every week is totally fine, it's just that we get new members each week coming in and telling us that they don't know how to play chess. Thus, our next project is to create a children-friendly brochure that explains the rules of chess. It's a good idea, isn't it? :)

Also, I taught the librarian how to use our pairing sheets as well as the structure of the program. She was definitely a quick learner! Everything is now set for the Black Creek library and all we're waiting for is the day in which the program commences! Oh and if you're uncertain of which day I'm talking about, it's May 6th (check out the side bar that lists all the locations ------------------------------------------>

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