Sunday, June 13, 2010

CITL 1st Annual Festival Pre-Registration List

Team Brookbanks (BB) just sent in their registration info for the tournament! Also, a few from Fairview (FV) that handed their forms to me in person today when I was at the library~ 15 players and counting...

Open Section
Magas Yusuf (BB)
Tonia Tong (BB)
Sayanthen Sathyakumar (BB)
Saishankar Sathyakumar (BB)

Grade 6 & Under
Jonathan Chan (BB)
Enes Spahiu (BB)
Dylan Chen (BB)
Cassidy Wang (BB)
Kevin Kang (BB)
Steven Gou (FV)

Grade 3 & Under
Alex Hu (BB)
Maxwell Tong (BB)
Evan Wong (BB)
Haoyang Liu (BB)
Joel Rodas Gutierrez (FV)

We are expecting 50-70 playing to show up for this tournament. We will be updating this list of participants regularly until June 26th If you really want to play in this tournament (and you are gr12 & under) email with some basic info of yours and we'll add you to team North York Central (their chess program hasn't started yet)!

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