Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CITL's First Location for SENIORS

Chess in the Library is always a program open to all ages, however, it is most often necessary to set a target age range so that the library can promote it in a specific department. As a result, our program has always been targeting children and teens, with a side note saying "everyone is welcome to join".

It was our 18th location that broke this record - the DEER PARK branch! :)

The librarians approached us and specifically requested to startup a chess program for seniors only. Since we've never done this before, my team and I faced a few challenges in deciding how the program should run. Certainly, we can't treat seniors the same way as teens, now can we? So after a meeting with your Vice-President Michael and the librarian in charge of the program, we agreed upon a few modifications such as shortening the program time to 1.5h, focusing more on the teaching sessions, etc.

Last Saturday was our very first session and thanks to our Executive Director Kevin Wu and former volunteer Xiaohan Du, the program went really well. For a detailed report on that, check out Kevin's latest blog post here.

So to all seniors and adults out there who would like to enjoy some chess on a fresh Saturday morning, come down to the Deer Park Library for some chess! If you have no clue on how to play the game at all, no worries! We'll teach you all the basic rules and principles!

For more details on the location, scroll down on our list of locations at www.chessinthelibrary.com

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