Friday, July 1, 2011

CITL 2nd Annual Festival Tournament Results

Congratulations to the following individuals and library teams! We are so proud of you! May your chess skills grow with Chess in the Library~

Individual Winners
Open Section
1st: Soorena Miralanmi (North York Central)
2nd: Kristen Li (North York Central)
3rd: Yang Ji (Fairview)

Grade 6 & Under
1st: Jonathan Chan (Brookbanks)
2nd: Harry Zhao (North York Central)
3rd: Erkhes Bayan-Altai (Fairview)

Grade 3 & Under
1st: Benjamin Lin (Fairview)
2nd: Evan Liu (Fairview)
3rd: Julianne Jorda (Downsview)

Team Winners
Open Section
1st: North York Center Library
  • Soorena Miralanmi
  • Kristen Li
  • Catherine Li
2nd: Fairview Library
  • Edmund Rong
  • Newton Xu
  • Yang Ji
3rd: Humberwood Library
  • Niruthika Puvaneswaran
  • Tina Vo
  • Gaajen Sivarasacumar
Grade 6 & Under
1st: Brookbanks Library
  • Jonathan Chan
  • Cassidy Wang
  • Henry Li
2nd: Downsview Library
  • Joshua Jorda
  • Bradley Ho
  • Melalee Gordon
3rd: Fairview Library
  • Erkhes Bayan-Altai
  • Bruce He
  • Victor Rong
Grade 3 & Under
1st: Fairview Library
  • Benjamin Lin
  • Evan Liu
  • Ray Liu
2nd: Bridlewood Library
  • James Gao
  • Jennifer Zhang
  • Alan Li
3rd: Downsview Library
  • Julianne Jorda
  • Diana Lin
  • Ba Son Nguyen

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