Friday, January 22, 2010

5th Library's BIG Opening Day Tomorrow

Last week, the program at Northern District opened successfully. I took some pictures and I will be uploading them tomorrow. As for the full report, expect one very soon from mine or Michael blog.

However, that's not the biggest news of this month. The Chess in the Library program at the Fairview branch will be opening TOMORROW. Now why am I making this such a big deal? You'll know why once you hear how many people have registered so far---------------->63!! That number was reported to me early this week so I'm assuming that by tomorrow, there would be close to 70 registrations! That is just crazy~~~

We've never had that many people interested in our program before. 63 is double of what we usually get! How can I possibly not be excited? Well, another factor to this is the fact that me and Jesse Wang (click here for his blog) went to the library 2 weeks ago to do 2 hours of promotion. We got about 40 registrations on that day!

I'm very curious to know how many people will show up tomorrow. I've placed 20 chess sets there so there's room for 40 people. If the number overflows this week, I'll bring more sets next week.

Come support us and have fun at the same time!! Open to everyone at all ages and strengths. Location:
35 Fairview Mall Dr.
Toronto, ON
M2J 4S4

Open from 10am - 12pm on Saturdays

See you there~

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