Friday, February 19, 2010

Bright Posters - A Great Promotion Tool

Since the beginning of this year, I had done promotions with my teammates for the program at three different libraries: with Jesse at Fairview; with Kevin at Pleasant View; with Kostya at Maria A. Shchuka.

Jesse and I originally created a poster that had a very general title with an information sheet that was removable and could be replaced by another anytime. That way, we would be able to do promotions at other libraries with the same poster and all that is left to do is to change the information sheet.

The story goes on as I brought the same poster to Pleasant View to promote the program with Kevin. After the promotion, the branch head suggested that we keep the poster in the library so that us, the volunteers, won't need to be at the library physically to promote the program. A week later, I visited the Pleasant View library and saw our poster right on top of the check-in/out counter! Beside it was the registration sheet for the program. Indeed, the bright orange poster was attracting a lot of attention! More people signed up for the program because of that.

Now, the purpose of visiting Pleasant View was actually to get the poster for the Maria A Shchuka promotion in the following week. Realizing how influential the poster was, I finally decided that this poster would be kept at Pleasant View and I would sacrifice a few more hours of my life making another for the Maria A Shchuka promotion! =)

The second poster that I made. I forgot to take a picture of the first one...:(

Enlarged removable information sheet. It's being taped onto the poster so it's easily removable.

I think the poster took me about 3 hours to make since I had to cut out all the letters and design them. Although I love art, a major reason to why I stopped taking art in school was that it was way too time consuming. If you know me well, you would know that I'm a "perfectionist" as I like to make everything 100% perfectly. Thus, I thought about having one of these bright posters at each library and I do encourage the leader at each one of them to make their own!! We are a team, and if we all pitch in a little bit of our time to make these posters, we would be able to see way more kids playing chess! That was the main purpose of the program, wasn't it?

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