Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Executive Meeting in 2011

Yesterday, the CITL executives gathered at the NYCL for the first meeting of the new year. There were many things to be discussed so we had to get straight down to business the moment we arrived. One of the most important items on our agenda was our new year resolution. What will our goals be in 2011? How do we plan to achieve that goal?

From left to right: VP Michael, Executive Director Kevin & me

Below are the minutes for this meeting:

1) Expansion
- current situation: 12 locations in Toronto, 2 in Ottawa & 1 in Victoria
- regional goal: 20 locations in Toronto by the end of 2011, which is 20% of all TPL branches
- national goal: start-up in two new provinces, namely Quebec and Alberta by the end of 2011

2) Volunteer Training Package & Handbook
- contract & basic handbook are already completed
- volunteer selection & training procedures are to be added

3) Website
- our Webmaster Yutong Luo, who has been with us since the beginning of this project will soon retire from this position
- our Executive Director Kevin Wu will temporary undertake this position until a new Webmaster is found
- google maps are to be integrated on our home page

4) Volunteer Banquet
- planned for sometime during March Break
- location, budget are to be confirmed
- invitations will be sent out no later than Feb 26th, 2011
- possible "Volunteer of the Year" award will be given (method of selection has yet to be determined)

5) CITL 2nd Annual Festival
- a few possible locations are considered, will be confirmed soon
- date will be Saturday, June 25th, 2011
- annual trophy (sponsored by the Southam family) will be purchased
- media will be contacted well in advance this year
- invitations to players & special guests will be sent out no later than March Break
- 2011-2012 CITL executive election details will be announced soon

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