Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bridlewood Branch Reopens

After several months of renovating, the Bridlewood branch in Scarborough has finally reopened! According some librarians, it usually much longer to finish renovating a library than what was originally planned. So when this branch was about to close down for renovations, I was told that it would reopen in 3 months. My first reaction was: "Oh no! The kids in Scarborough won't be able to play chess until next summer!" You see, I was totally prepared for that library to keep renovating for an extra 6 months. Just like science labs, it is very important to include uncertainties! In this case the uncertainty would be plus or minus six months. :)

Anyways, I'm glad that everything was completed on schedule, although the library doesn't really appear to be a "library" anymore at the first glance. I visited the branch last Friday and got lost trying to locate the library in the mall. It totally looked like a furniture shop to me when I first walked past it! You can tell that it's a library from my pictures below but seriously, when you're outside the glass window and throw a sideways glance at the library, it will look nothing like a library!

After renovations, the library become much bigger!

This high-tech system allows people to check out the books by themselves!

Anyways, I just wanted to tell everyone that the Chess in the Library program is once again running at the Bridlewood branch every Friday night from 6-8pm. Just don't get lost when you're going there like I did! :)

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