Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chess in Calgary Follow-Up

The very first session of the CITL program in Calgary was as successful as it could be. The club attracted a large number of participants, ranging from those in elementary school to those in university! Take a look at some pictures below (photo credits goes to Avelino Angelo Tolentino):

Very pretty CITL poster!

This stand was placed on a small table full of chess books


Alberta Women Champion Nicka Kalaydina

Thanks to the Calgary Chess Club, the program is able to provide chess clocks~

Chess in action!

There were quite a few volunteers there to help out

To see the complete album, visit my web album here.

Thanks again to Simon Ong and his fellow volunteers for doing such an outstanding job! When Simon sent me the pictures, I was quite surprised to see Kalaydina among the crowd. She is one of the top female chess players in this country and I remember playing her a few years ago at the Women's Zonal. I'm just really glad to see more and more strong juniors join this program, whether as a volunteer or participant. Kalaydina's presence was definitely enlightening for me, as seeing a fellow top female player in this field join CITL to promote chess is not a frequent sight. In fact, she is the first.

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