Friday, March 11, 2011

Humberwood Prepares for First Tourney!

Other than the CITL Chess Festival that we host annually, the program has never hosted an "official" chess tournament. The word "official" refers to rated games, prizes for winners and most importantly, serious players. In the past, thanks to the Chess'n Math Association, we were able to rate some weekly tournaments. However, it was mainly casual chess that the kids played and rarely did we ever give out prizes. If we did, it would be chess books donated by one of the many kind-hearted CITL supporters out there.

Well, I'm pleased to announce that the Humberwood branch in Etobicoke has decided to take the initiative and organize a legit chess tournament. There's always a first time to everything, right? Here's some information on the tournament:

When: Saturday March 19, 2011, 1-5pm
Where: Humberwood Library (check if you don't know where that is)
Rating: All games will be both CMA and CFC rated
Sections: Players will be grouped according to age, and rating if they have one
Prizes: There will be lots of medals, ribbons and book prizes for the winners! The top finishers will also represent the Humberwood branch at the annual festival this year.
Entry Fee: $0 (the purpose is to promote chess, remember?)
*Pre-registration at the Humberwood branch

Shiny medals and ribbons for prizes~

Close-up look at the SHINY MEDALS! :)

This tournament would definitely not have been possible without the help of 3 ardent CITL promoters, Eunice R., Vivien C, and Kevin B. Kevin is a volunteer at the Humberwood branch and the main sponsor of this event! Without his contributions, it would definitely be impossible for us to provide all these awesome prizes and pay the rating fees! Thank you so much Kevin!
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for this tournament now by calling the Humberwood branch (again, check our website for their phone number)! :)

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