Monday, July 27, 2009

Just My Luck

Guess how many people came this week? Exactly 30! It's amazing how each week there's just that many people, sometimes 1-2 more or less. I hope it will always stay this way, as we only have space for 30 kids anyway. The branch head at Brookbanks told me that she is shocked that the attendance each week is always around 30! It is extremely rare for a library's program to become this popular.

In fact, at 9:45, when we just started setting up the room and getting stuff ready, about 10 kids zoomed in already! Their excitement and anticipation to play chess really brightens my day and reminds me of the purpose of starting this program.

I would also like to announce here that the Chess in the Library program has 2 more blogs now! One from Michael Kleinman, who recently joined the organization team of this program and the other from Yutong Luo, our web master and the the main organizer for our program at the Pleasant View branch. Make sure to check out their blogs for updates as well!! :)

The Chess in the Library at Pleasant View will officially start running this Saturday. So far we've already got 17 people signed up. Hope all goes well!!