Monday, July 13, 2009

Thunderstorm and Chess!?

If you're living in other cities, then you probably don't know that on July 11, 2009, there was a pretty big thunderstorm in the morning of Toronto. So I was like:"Uh oh, the Chess in the Library program is going to be in trouble today!" With half of the regular members not from the local community, I doubted that the tables would be full that day. However, I was sure in for a surprise! We not only maintained the maximum limit again, we had an extra person! Luckily, one little girl only wanted to watch so it was all good - for now.

This week there were 4 volunteers helping out, Jimmy Wang and Yutong Luo that I introduced before as well as Sam Wang and Aaron Zhang who will be joining me at Victoria Park C.I.'s IB program next year. Thanks to them, everything was done more efficiently than before. Week by week, the Chess in the Library program is getting better and better!

This program has been running at Brookbanks for a month now, and it's starting to become quite stable. No longer I will worry about having not enough people coming in. For 3 weeks in a row the number was mainted at the maximum limit. I believe the number of people would only increase from now on, not decrease. Thus if I don't expand soon, instead of worrying about not enough people, I will have to worry about too much people!!

The next library that I hope to have this program is at the Pleasant View Branch. It's the library right beside my former junior high school and ever since I went off to high school, chess in Pleasant View hasn't been so great. However, I'm hoping that once this program starts running at that branch, chess in my junior high school will become more popular and stronger. I've started to contact that library and if I'm lucky, I would be able to get it start running on July 25. Also, the volunteers who will be running the program at Pleasant View branch (I can't be at 2 places at once :P) are the ones who are being trained at Brookbanks right now so they will be ready to do it on their own!

Wish me good luck at the second library!! :) Anyone who wants to volunteer is welcome to contact me!

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  1. ohh you started a chess club at the library? :O
    Hmm, who's going to the PV one?