Sunday, July 19, 2009

Starting to Overflow...

I had a feeling that players coming to yesterday's Chess in the Library meet at Brookbanks was going to exceed 30. Guess what? I was right! 32 chess players showed up yesterday morning and we sure didn't know what to do! The best idea we've came up with is to allow 2 groups have 7 players and each round 1 person would have a bye. It worked out pretty well actually. What we are talking about here is 32 people, but what if the number changed to 40? Then, before Pleasant View branch opens, I'm going to be in big trouble...

Playing site front view

Playing site back view (a room full of young chess players!!)

This week the meet was mostly ran by the 3 volunteers who will be running the Pleasant View branch on their own. They are Yutong Luo, Aaron Zhang and Sam Wang. They got to watch me run the meet last week, and this week I wanted to let them have a go since they have to be ready for Pleasant View. My job yesterday was to watch them the entire time and point out things that aren't done good enough and show them how to do it. Overall, they did a great job and I'm sure they will be able to handle Pleasant View! :)

From left to right: Aaron Zhang, Yuanling Yuan, Yutong Luo & Sam Wang

Yutong adding a clock

Once again, the book reading table was full of excitement! Not to mention useful too! Just look at these kids reading the chess books!! :)

Hmm...the serious face...trying to figure out a puzzle?

Wow, that must be a good book!

Now here are some of our future champions:

2 weeks till Pleasant View opens. I've just got an email saying that 7 people already signed up! Hope you guys liked the pictures this week. Stay updated on our progress!!

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  1. maybe let the librarians know your event is drawing more people than you expected. They might be able to provide more seating or a bigger room. you could definitely fit more tables in that room