Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3rd Library Officially Open!!

I would like to officially announce that the Chess in the Library program has entered another library here in Toronto, the Maria A. Shchuka district branch. Unlike the other two locations we have (Brookbanks and Pleasant View), this one is located in the west part of Toronto. I just got a confirmed that they will start running the Chess in the Library program every Saturday from 12-2pm, starting from November 7th. The Maria A. Shchuka library is located at 1745 Eglinton Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6E 2H4 (Closest major intersection: Eglinton Ave. West and Dufferin St. Located on south side of Eglinton Ave. West, one block east of Dufferin St. at Northcliffe Blvd.)

Last Saturday, I visited the Maria A. Shchuka library and the program room that will host the Chess in the Library program. It's a really nice room, around the size of the one at Brookbanks, so the capacity will be the same as Brookbanks. I also had a nice chat with the one of the program managers there and found out that there is already a huge interest in this program! Even though the first meet of the Chess in the Library program at Maria A. Shchuka is more than a month away, they already starting doing the registration for this program! The best part is, they not only had a huge interest in participants, but volunteers as well! The program manager showed me the two lists she had and guess what? There were 11 neighbourhood teens who are interested in volunteering and 9 kids who are anticipating the program to start so they can play chess! :) I was extremely happy to see this and I'm definitely looking forward to Nov 7th!!

Calling all chess players living in west Toronto, the day you've been waiting for is soon to arrive! Come on down to the Maria A. Shchuka library on Nov 7th or after to play chess!


  1. great work yuanling! i'm glad to hear about all the interest in both playing and volunteering :)

  2. Thanks Hazel! Yup, it's definitely great news!