Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3rd Library Opening SOON!!

The Maria A. Shchuka district branch, located on Eglinton and Dufferin, has expressed huge interest in running a Chess in the Library program there. I just received a call from the program manager and she told me that all the staff at Maria A. Shchuka are so excited about the program! They know this program is doing extremely well at the Brookbanks branch, for the fact that attendance is relatively high compared to other programs.

I will pay a visit to the Maria A. Shchuka library this Saturday and have a look at the room. The time we're going to run this program there will be most likely from 12pm - 2pm. We are currently finalizing the flyer and the starting date. Once we do so, I will definitely let you guys know! One thing I know for sure - this program at the 3rd library will be running very very soon!! Perhaps within the next month or so.

I can't wait till it starts running! Get ready to come down to the Maria A. Shchuka library to play chess soon! :)

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