Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Most We've Ever Had

Last weekend, we had a surprising number of young chess players coming to play chess in our program. Guess how many? 33! That broke the record of 32 participants which occurred a month ago. I was also really glad to hear from one parent saying how this program got her son so into chess recently! Don't forget everyone, the Chess in the Library program runs all year round, not just during the summer!!

The second big number we had last weekend at Brookbanks was the amount of volunteers as we had 8 people helping out! I would like to welcome the 4 new members of our organization team: Dragos Parausanu-Sprinceana, Magas Yusuf, Jesse Wang and Jan Edmund Lazo! Once we open this program at a couple more libraries in the future, these volunteers will be divided among them. The room was a bit crowded last weekend but that was okay, everyone still had a great time! A picture of the 8 volunteers at Brookbanks this week:

From left to right standing: Dragos, Jan, Jesse, Kevin, Xiaohan and Magas
From left to right sitting: Yuanling (me!) and Tony

Some more pictures of our hard working organization team members (now increased to 14!):

Look how happy Tony is!! :)

Kevin carefully setting up the pieces :)

Xiaohan recording the results. Another happy face!

Our official email is now info@chessinthelibrary.com. Feel free to email us your suggestions, comments or anything you want to share with us! Remember to keep checking our website chessinthelibrary.com for updates!!

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