Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011-2012 CITL Art Director Candidate - Linda Fu

I know this is a bit late but I still have to post it. Below is what Linda wrote for her campaign.

Hello guys,

Being someone who's been with the organization for more than a year, I have definitely seen the organization prosper under the hard work and dedication of everyone on the CITL team, including the execs. However, I think this organization still has an endless amount of space to grow. Every time I volunteer at the Bridlewood Branch, seeing the kids play chess and their smile of reward afterwards just keeps on bringing warmth to me, knowing that my small contribution of teaching the kids basic chess principles has brought them joy and experiences that they haven't experienced before. But I feel like being someone extremely passionate about the artistic field, I can use my strength to contribute even more to this organization, which is why I am running for your art director.

As your art director, the main focus is to make CITL look appealing to chess minds of all ages. As seen by the next festival coming up, CITL has many events that needs artistic input, like flyers, T-shir designs, invitations, banners, you name it! These methods of communication is the first thing that grabs people's attention when they are introduced to CITL, and thus it is my goal to make it as artistic and creative as possible. And of course, promotion of branches will need the attention grabber as well, since it is our goal to expand CITL across the country, a catchy flyer will definitely make the job easier. Also, I plan to work with the director of communications to make the website as appealing and artistic as possible, so youth who loves to go on the internet can get all the CITL information, while at the same time enjoying the creative layout and appearance of CITL's website.

Having an extensive background in inDesign and photoshop, graphic designing is not a problem. I have experience working in this field as I am the layout editor of my school's newspaper, and as well as layout editor of a national magazine.

I will be bringing the magazine and my school's newspaper to the festival for y'all to look at, and hopefully they show the passion I have for arts and a perfect candidate as you're arts director.

Thank you for reading this, and please support me on Saturday!

Linda Fu

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