Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011-2012 CITL Vice-President Candidate: Michael Kleinman

Below is what Michael wrote for his campaign:

Re-elect Michael Kleinman as Vice President for CITL!

Running again has been a difficult choice, with outstanding running-mates, the grade 12 year approaching, and the goal to become an International Master before university. I was very ambivalent in running, but I remembered why I first joined Chess in the Library. I wanted to give back to the community of chess, in return for all of the experiences that it brought me.

First of all, it has been an absolute honour to be able to represent the Chess in the Library organization as vice president this past year. Through meetings with a manager of Toronto public library, attending the openings of new branches, and crafting out the volunteer handbook, Chess in the Library has grown, and its been a pleasure to see.

Next year, a primary goal would be to expand. If you break it down, our organization is just awesome. We’re giving many children an opportunity to learn and appreciate the game of chess, who likely otherwise would have not been able to. Likely, these children will improve in many other areas of their life, its really awesome.

Also, I feel that we should have better means of communication. I would hope that we could have around 10 mentors, volunteers with a lot of experience. After sessions, these mentors could talk, and aid newer volunteers, increasing the strength of our network.

I really hope many of you come out and vote. This is an organization with a great initiative, and your vote really impacts the future of this organization.

See you guys Saturday, and the festival will be awesome!


Michael Kleinman

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