Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011-2012 CITL Treasurer Candidate - Aaron Zhang

Below is what Aaron wrote for his campaign:

Glad to be back everyone! I’m happy to say that I will be back in action at the 2nd annual festival at NYCL on Saturday! In case you don’t know me, I am Aaron Zhang. I was one of the first volunteers of Chess in the Library, having joined the program when it opened its first branch at Brookbanks. Then, after we opened a second location at Pleasant View, I permanently settled there. Today, I come to all of you because I see myself as the best candidate for CITL’s 2011-2012 treasurer. Hopefully, you will also agree with me after reading what I have to say.

First of all, I’m not just another high school student wanting something to put on my résumé. To be honest, I don’t think I’m even going to write this on my résumé even if I get elected. I am running for Treasurer because I love the ideas and people driving CITL and feel that this program could use my experience and expertise.

Ever since I first became a student at Macdonald, I’ve been involved in many large-scale fundraising events; this includes the extremely successful Relay for Life, which has been bringing in over $40,000 each year in donations for the Canadian Cancer Society. Outside of school, I’ve also been working for an international media company. There, I have been responsible for gathering new corporate sponsors and maintaining relations with current sponsors. Some of the sponsors I have brought in include some of the world’s largest corporations—Samsung, LG, and RIM.

On top of my work experience, I believe that I’ve proven my knowledge and skill in the many business-related events I’ve participated in. I was the 1st place winner of the Toronto Student Business Plan Competition, the MBA Virtual Stock Challenge, and the DECA Toronto Principles of Finance event. Today, I’m proud to say that I’m also the fund manager of an equity portfolio valued at over $30,000. It is both my passion and proven skill in the business world that has led me to my current acclaim in my school as Little Warren Buffett.

As a candidate for treasurer, I already have many plans for CITL for next year. The first step I intend to take as treasurer is to secure a non-profit business grant from the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development. A past award winner of the Ministry’s business competition, I’ve been told that I could apply for the Youth Entrepreneurship Grant and receive thousands of dollars’ worth of funding. With the new funding, I intend to work with the Director of Communications and Art Director on a large-scale promotional campaign to dramatically increase membership at CITL. One of my ideas is to advertise and hold a large CITL meet-and-greet breakfast for new members. This will not only increase membership tremendously, but will also warrant media coverage, which will in turn increase the chances of us receiving corporate sponsorship.

Of course, actions speak louder than words. Therefore, I don’t believe in repeatedly making promises to get donations, expand the program, and whatever else any treasurer candidate would say. What I do not say, however, I let my actions put into words. Remember, though, for me to take action, you must take action too: Vote Aaron Zhang for Treasurer!

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