Monday, June 20, 2011

Upcoming 2011-2012 CITL Executive Board Election Details

So last year's executive board election was held a few days before school started and the voting process was done through emails, which wasn't a very good idea because the votes would not be anonymous. We also decided last year that this year's election would happen on the same day as the annual festival. Since the festival is happening on June 25, 2011 from 11:45am-4:30pm, we will do our election at the NYCL study hall from 9-11am.

This year, the executive board proved to be quite useful. We had several meetings with the TPL manager in charge of our partnership with them and we put together several documents such as the CITL Handbook, CITL Volunteer Contract and recently, the CITL Volunteer Application Form. All of these will be available online soon. I'm sure that other than me, the other 2 executive board members Michael and Kevin enjoyed the process as well. It's was quite a successful year for all of us!

Anyways, if you feel that you want to be more involved with CITL than just simply volunteering at the library, then this is your chance to give yourself an opportunity to learn to become a true leader. Show us what you can do! Don't wait until graduation from university to start experiencing these things - the earlier the better!

Last year we only had 3 positions because we didn't know how things would go. However, now that we've got a taste of democracy, the executive board has decided to add 2 more positions. The 5 people elected will be representing CITL when meeting with our partner (TPL) or any potential sponsors:

- sets a typed agenda in consultation with other executive members for all formal CITL executive meetings
- acts as the leader and primary spokesperson of the CITL executive
- responsible for tracking all volunteer hours
- responsible for contacting potential locations to host the program (expansion)
- evaluates annually the performance of the organization in achieving its mission
- maintain a blog with posts on a bi-weekly basis

- fills in for the President when the President is not available
- acts as the secondary spokesperson of the CITL executive
- sets dates for all CITL executive meetings (once a month or once every 2 months), annual festival and otherwise
- responsible for contacting medias when needed & any written documents (excluding the constitution & volunteer hours letter)
- maintain a blog with posts on a bi-weekly basis


- responsible for contacting potential sponsors and donors
- manages finances of the organization
- directs any fund-raising activity/tournaments/events
- maintain a blog with posts on a bi-weekly basis

Director of Communications
- is aware of all events occuring in the organization and maintains the website accordingly (
- check and replies to all webmails ( at least 2 times a week
- works with the Art Director to ensure that the website is visually appealing and user friendly
- maintain a blog with posts on a bi-weekly basis
*eligibility - must know how to code a website

Art Director
- responsible for designing all forms of posters, advertisements, flyers, invitations, etc that involves creativity and graphics
- works with the Director of Communications to ensure that our website is visually appealing and user friendly
- maintain a blog with posts on a bi-weekly basis
*eligibility - must know the basics of graphic design and must display at least 1 piece of past artistic work at the election

The 5 people will get together every month to two to discuss CITL issues & innovations. The 5 will vote to settle important decisions that are best for the organization. The list of responsibilities above doesn't indicate everything they do, but it is their main job. Eg. VP can also help with expansion (President's job) while President can help with financing (Executive Director's job).

How the election works:
In order for you to become a candidate in this election and run for a specific position, you will need to write a few paragraphs on:
-what you have done for CITL already (if you don't have any it's okay)
-why you want to get the position
-what makes you the best candidate for this position
-how do you plan to make CITL better

Please do read the list of responsibilities and consider carefully if you are willing to commit to it. Again, it's a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to increase their leadership abilities. The deadline for candidate submission is Thursday June 23, 2011 at midnight. All candidates will have 2 minutes to speak in front of everyone on the morning of the festival. Then, ballots will be distributed and the voting process will begin on site. Only those who are present that day and have volunteered at CITL in the past/present/future are allowed to vote. The current executive will make sure that an uninterested party counts the votes. We will announce the election winners at the closing ceremony of the festival.

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