Monday, June 20, 2011

2011-2012 CITL Treasurer Candidate: Mike Ivanov

Below is what Mike wrote for his campaign. He has given me permission to post it on my blog. :)

Vote Mike Ivanov for Treasurer of Chess in the Library!

Hi everyone! My name is Mike Ivanov and I have been volunteering for CITL at the North York Central Public Library since last September. In that time me and a few other volunteers developed our program to be a great way for people of all levels and ages to learn and play chess. Personally I taught chess at my branch to any newcomers and promoted our program as much as possible to the point where we regularly have around 10-15 visitors come to our program. Our team of volunteers is very proud of our efforts and hopes to do even better next year.

I have always wanted to help chess in Canada grow and prosper which is why I joined CITL in the first place. I believe that by becoming the treasurer of Chess in the Library I will be able to help much more people in Canada become chess players which can and will change their lives for the better. It will also get me experience working with a wide variety of people which will surely be useful in my future. I am also a tournament player and a part-time teacher which will help me take a bigger role in CITL as I am fairly familiar with the Canadian chess scene.

I think that I am highly capable of being the treasurer of CITL and maintaining CITL’s finances having dealt with raising money and finding sponsors for organizations before. I’m also very dedicated to expanding our organization and raising awareness for it across Canada and I will try to pass on these values to anyone I work with while I’m treasurer.

If I get to be treasurer of CITL I’ll do my best to improve it by doing things like attracting sponsors to our program and maintain good relations with our current sponsors and organize fundraising events with the idea that in order for CITL to expand it will need more resources and publicity. Also I’ll do my best to promote our organization wherever possible and with enough publicity, interest and sponsors we should be able to expand our great program and help people of all ages learn and play chess in all 10 provinces!

John F. Kennedy once said “think not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. In our case I think it means that to promote chess in Canada you can’t complain that the government isn’t doing it, you have to take that responsibility in your own hands and do it yourself. I believe that in order for Canada to have a strong chess community we must unite and work together to expand CITL. If that means me taking a bigger role in an organization that wouldn’t be possible without volunteers like us than I will gladly do so and encourage others to do the same since any organization no matter how big in the end started as a small group of people with a common goal. Lastly I sincerely hope that at one point in my life I’ll be able to say that I’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of kids and adults alike start the journey that I’ve been on for over 10 years, the journey of chess. It will give them memories and virtues that will stay with them and contribute to their everyday lives and in my mind that’s what chess is all about!

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